Kherson – 15.08.2022

In early July the Ukrainian government warned civilians to evacuate Kherson. Now increasingly more rockets are targeting the area and fighting is escalating.
Many people have left, but the people who are unable to leave are exactly those who are the most vulnerable. Elderly people, people with special care needs, adults caring for children (single parents, orphanages). They’re not able to make the several-day journey through multiple guard-posts, in the boiling summer heat, in order to maybe reach uncertain safety in some uncertain place.

We’ve been sending food and money since March to people in Kherson who were previously receiving social support or are unable to provide for themselves. We’re now helping over 600 vulnerable people to 1) eat 2) stock up on food and livestock 3) in a few cases, make repairs where rockets have hit and to prepare and stock bomb shelters so that they can be safe as the fighting intensifies.

Please help us to keep giving vulnerable people in Kherson the help they need.

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