Family Orphanages – 21.08.2022

There are three family orphanages, a total of 24 children, to whom we are giving continuous financial help. One of the children is newly orphaned, their parents died in the first days of the war.

Another of the orphanages has also suffered a lot recently even aside from their financial needs. The children had been taken in by an elderly couple, and last year the husband died. At around the same time, they were suddenly unable to stay any longer in the house that they had previously made their home. At the start of the war the children and elderly lady were given accommodation in a hotel in Kherson, and were paying for being able to live there by cleaning the floors there.

Prices of essential products and food in Kherson rose by 300% at the start of the invasion. The individuals who have set up these orphanages are simply unable to pay to feed the children they are looking after. Prices in the city have fallen in more recent months, but the lack of financial support for these children from official administration means they still need our help.

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