Kherson Oblast – 27.07.2022

One single mother whom we are helping suffers from epilepsy, she and her three children are living in a front-line village. It’s not possible to find work, however the whole family are providing for themselves by working their small piece of land. Rather than receiving a handout to buy food, they have asked us to help them to buy rabbits and chickens so that they can become even more self-reliant.

We are trying as much as possible to give people the resources that they need to take care of themselves. This is more sustainable in the long-term and also especially important in the wider region where there is a lot of active fighting. Internet and telephone connection has been repeatedly cut off even for the city of Kherson itself. In the wider region it is even harder to maintain a regular connection, sometimes this drops for weeks and we can’t be confident that we can send them weekly money to buy foodstuff.


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