Kherson – One year – 19.03.2023

March 1st marked a full year of our Kherson initiative. In these 12 months we’ve directly supported 863 people with food and money, sponsored over 7,000 hot meals, supplied medicine and helped people through medical emergencies, funded repair of damaged homes, aided evacuation, prepared bomb shelters, and much more.

People in Kherson have and continue to experience every horrific aspect of war; street fighting, occupation, repressions, loss of income, loss of basic amenities (water, electricity, communication) and now a constant daily bombardment of residential areas.

Over the last year government subsidies to vulnerable people (pensions, childcare) were often either insufficient to pay heightened costs as the price of basic foods went up 300%, to cover evacuation costs, or stopped completely.

Kherson Help and other small aid initiatives have been at times the only source of help available. We have been able to help because of donations given us by people from the UK, Germany, Australia, the USA, Czechia, and many other countries. This help has saved the lives of many people in Kherson. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has donated, and we ask you to please keep supporting the people suffering from war in Ukraine.


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