Volunteer groups – 24.09.2022

As we’ve written before (Kherson – 03.08.2022), international aid organisations do not have access to Kherson. Vulnerable people are reliant on help from local volunteers.

These volunteers need money to be able to distribute food. We’re currently funding 4 other groups which take care of handing out food for (at last count) 185 people.
In August we started working with a group who are looking after 55 people in need. They bulk-buy and then give out the food bags in the pictures.

Since almost the start of the war we have been helping to finance a project run by a collective of cooks in Kherson. For all these months they have been preparing and distributing meals for patients hospitalised in Kherson and for members of the ambulance service.

Theirs is a large initiative and as such we are only one of their funding sources. However it’s a necessary (and worthwhile) contribution since, like us, they need all the money they can get in order to keep going.

Unfortunately the number of people in Kherson hospitals who need free meals at the moment is steadily. In July we covered the cost of ~460 meals, in August it was ~480.


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