Some normality – 24.09.2022

We are reliant on continuously raising money in order to keep helping vulnerable people in the Kherson region. The number of people needing help in Kherson is enormous, so our absolute priority is to provide enough for each recipient to have essential foodstuff.

However occasionally we’ve been happy to provide also a small bit of normality, especially for children suffering as a result of the invasion. Children in Kherson are growing up to the sound of guns and almost complete deprivation of many things that we consider essential to a healthy childhood. It’s hard to imagine the mental impact of what is happening on children* in Ukraine.

Marina is a mother single-handedly looking after two children and her own mother, who is elderly and bed-bound.
With the start of the war Marina lost her job. Her village is on the front line of the fighting in the Kherson region. She has been receiving money from us to cover the cost of food.

Marina’s little girl turned 8 last month and thanks to the money we’ve received and passed on to her, they were able to bake a cake for her birthday.

She asked us to pass on her thank you to everyone who has made it possible for them to keep living through these last months. And an invitation:

“Please come to see us after the war, and we’ll bake an even better cake for you!”

– Marina

From us also, thank you so much, everyone who has sent money to Kherson Help, for every penny. You’re making life possible and bearable for so many people for whom it wouldn’t be otherwise. Come visit us after the war! You’ll always be welcome in Kherson.

*and adults

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