Kherson – 24.07.2022

Kherson is on the front line of the war in Ukraine. Since it was taken in early March, many people who previously lived on support from the government no longer receive anything.
In the heat of the summer, pensioners are spending many hours in queues just to register for new subsidies which have been promised and which they need in order to survive.

With the front line a few kilometres to the West and the Dnieper to the East, there is no way for international organisations to transport humanitarian aid into the region. Those people who need and manage to get help rely almost entirely on a few small initiatives such as ours which are still operating in the city.

While operating in Kherson is extremely difficult, this is exactly the time when people need the most help:

  • supplies which people might have had are running out
  • official support is often not there and when it is, it’s unreliable
  • many people have lost their jobs and it’s almost impossible to find new ones
  • even cash is scarce and exchange rates are sky-high

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